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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

4 things you didn’t know your smartphone could do

There is no denying that we stay glued to our Smartphone for almost all day. On an average, a person uses his or her phone for a minimum of two hours per day. You can carry out a myriad of work using your Smartphone. Still, there are few functions that you didn’t know could be conducted using your Smartphone. To bring it to your notice, here we enlist some of the functions that can be handled using a Smartphone:

Diagnose a leaky window

Finding leaky windows can be troublesome, but if done right, it will keep your room temperature right, allowing you to live in cozily. Get the Flir One add-on, and a plug is it in your phone charging plug. As it weighs 2.8 ounces, you will notice a bit of bulk added to your Smartphone. FlirOne is compatible with both iPhone and Android, so there is nothing much to worry about. Plug in the device, and when you point the phone towards the leaky area, it will convert the thermal energy into color images. So, that’s the area you need to fix.

Prevent drunk driving

Caught while drunk and driving can put you in a lot of trouble and if you want to avoid it then go for the Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer comes in. Within just five seconds, it will tell about the alcohol present in your breath. The app will also tell you the time which will be needed to bring your breath to normal. With this app, it becomes quite easy to avoid the case of drunk and drive.

Muscle measurement

Using the sculpt scanner with your Smartphone will allow you to measure your progress at the gym. The scanner will track the fat percentage and muscle fibre size using small electrodes that measures individual muscle areas and group. According to the Samsung tablet repair technicians the device comes with an app for both iPhone and Android.

Look up closely
Your Smartphone is just perfect for selfies, and you can even turn it into a microscope. There is some microscope project available on the market. It will cost less than $10, and you can look into the objects meticulously claims the Samsung Galaxy repair technicians.

These are just samples, you can use the smartphone in a number of other ways too, for those amazing tricks, stay tuned. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

4 tips to gain back the control of your life

Cellphone addiction is new in the list of addictions. It’s not fatal, but certainly ruins your daily routine and decreases the effectively of your day by almost 30%. More or less you are losing the control of your life, which will affect your life adversely.  However you have still not lost you way to your life and can gain back entire control.

To help you gain back the control, here we have some of the tips which can get you back your life:

Schedule calls
Instead of hanging on your phone the entire day, fix a schedule under which you are going to mail all the necessary calls. Also when you call, make sure to tick to details instead of gossiping your way towards hours of chit chat. To avoid calls throughout the day you can mentions your call time on your business card and online portals. Staying away from less important calls will ensure your way towards a more productive routine.

Schedule email response time
The beep beep of constant emails will not only hinder your ongoing work but will also decrease your concentration level. To avoid the situation, check your mail once in the morning and ones in the evening. Even if I takes half an hour in total, it’s fine, at least you can concentrate on what’s more important says the Samsung mobile repair technicians.

Use voice mail
To avoid constant calls, it’s best to use voice calls. Voice mails are much better than missed call and text messages. It gives you an Idea of the urgency of message, plus you get to decide on which message to react first. If you want to particular information about your callers, it would be best to ask them the name, time zone, and reason for call claims the Samsung mobile phone repair technicians.

Fix a time of or social media interaction
It’s not the call and texts that consumes our most hours on smartphone. The real culprit is social media whose information string is so addictive that we don’t realise the time when we are browsing social media platforms. Use your social media platforms either during the lunch hour or when you are about to hit the bed. There already is a constraint in the lunch hour and in the night hours you would already be tiered enough to fall asleep, which will keep you away from the addiction.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Why it’s Not Good to Repair Your Smartphone on Your Own?

Who doesn't like to be smart with trendy Smartphone? But, in case, the phone gets ruined, don't you ever try to repair it by yourself. Even, if you have knowledge about mobile technology thoroughly, still consult an expert. Every phone is designed in its own way and thus, no one can be much sure of repairing its every part.

There are four reasons that why it’s not good to repair your Smartphone on your own. Have a look-
·         Buying a new phone is not always the convenient solution. The budget doesn't support you every time. But, in the sake of saving money, you can't take the risk of repairing yourself. However, you have a degree in it, but not the experience. So, why let your phone in trouble when you can repair it by spending a little on it. An expert help is necessary.

·         Take advantage of a warranty. In case, your phone is no longer covered by a warranty, go for phone repairing. This is recommended because you don't have much knowledge that how designers have fixed the parts. In case any part get removed by you and you have no knowledge of replacing it back, you then also have to consult an expert. And, maybe this time, charges will be more says the LG phone parts providers.

·         You may need the new parts to be fixed. While repairing yourself, you may find the parts that have to be new. Then, having accurate information about that particular part is imperative. Thus, you need to take the technician help for it. Even, online help won't provide you much information. So, let your damaged phone be in safe hands.

·         Do you know what actually had happened to your phone? All you just know is that your phone has dropped from your hand or has dropped in water. But, the expert can easily understand what its consequences are. Therefore, no matter, you know what can be the better solution, don't experiment with the expensive thing without any expert help.

What Else Can You Do?
So, before you go for self-attempting, ask yourself the following questions-
·         Do you really have the mobile knowledge?
·         Are you ready for taking the risks and paying for the challenges?
·         What if your phone doesn't work after you repair it?
Thus, instead of putting yourself into the risk, hire a professional technician, who is highly
 skilled and cognizant of mobile with great experience recommends the LG mobile parts providers.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

5 best parental control app

Fighting your teen children against the usage of cell phone can be a real trouble, but not when you have a parental control app. Yes, there are parental control apps enabling you to have a control on their activity, instead of blocking it away. As a responsible parent, you must have a control on what your kids are doing with their phone, how much time they are spending and other important factors.
However, there is one thing that bothers parents is finding the right app for parental controlling. To reduce your stress level, we have listed below five great apps that are useful for parental control:

Kidgy parental control app

Kidgy is a parental control app which is considered perfect for monitoring online activity of your child. You can see what your kids are browsing on the Internet and other social media profiles. To track their sleeping time and other activities, you can give a limited access to social media accounts.

Norton family premier

Norton offers a great location featuring along with the easy configuration of apps and profiles. Using the app, you can block applications which you don’t what your kids to use. For parents who want to stay on top of their child's activity, Norton can be one great app claims the Apple iPhone accessoriesproviders.

Phone sheriff

If you want to monitor texting, location and other apps on your child's phone, then this app might prove to be effective. The app gives time control, allowing you to have a control on your kid's phone usage. Provided that it has a panic button and geo-fencing you can know your kids were about to and contact people.

ESET parental control

On an affordable price, ESET serves the purpose of parental controlling very well. The easy to set up filters makes it possible for parents to monitor the functioning of the phone swiftly. The app can support unlimited android devices, allowing you to have a control on the phone of the entire family.

You can get a free version of this app as well as paid version, depending on your requirement. All these apps come with a number of protective features. It will keep your kids away from identity theft too says the Apple accessories Canada providers.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Want a budget Smartphone? Alcatel Idol 3 is here!

Alcatel Idol 3 is one of the excellent phones available at a budget less than half of a high-end Smartphone. The company is famous for its One Touch range of Smartphone and users swear by its excellent built and performance.

The Smartphone is going to give you some excellent perk by still being in the budget. The Smartphone was launched in the year 2015, and soon it was a sensation in the market. Performance or design, the Smartphone has satisfied its customer’s requirement in every aspect.


According to Alcatelone touch parts  providers, Alcatel Idol 3 boasts the following features:

Key Specifications

    5.5-inch touch screen

    13-megapixel camera and 1080p video capture

    Support for 4G internet

    16 GB of memory (expandable with microSD)

Powered by 1GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 is a worth phone spending on. As far the memory is concerned, the phone has the memory capacity of 2GB RAM. The internal storage of the phone is 16GB, which can be extended up to 128GB via the microSD card. Whether the processor or the memory, this Smartphone is definitely a perfect choice for anyone looking for a budget phone. 

Android 5.0 acts as the operating system of the phone, which happens to be a perk for a budget Smartphone. This budget Smartphone has even taken care of the camera lovers by introducing the 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear end and 8-megapixel with selfie camera. 

As far the looks of the phone is concerned, it comes with a 5.50-inch display that too with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Being lightweight and stylish, the Smartphone looks good in your hand.
The battery of the phone is going to last for a full work day with its 2910mAh non-removable battery. As far the SIM is concerned, the Alcatel One Touch Idol is a single SIM Smartphone, which accepts single SIM GSM. 

 Some connectivity options will be there to make your phone connect easily and swiftly with other devices. You can get your phone connected using GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, NFC, USB OTG, 3G and 4G. By far it is one of the best phones in terms of connectivity and build. 

For the wear Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 parts can be found in most of the nearby Smartphone stores.

Monday, 4 September 2017

A glimpse of the exciting features of Motorola Z2 Force

Motorola recently launched the Z2 Force edition at a price of $720. The company is known for its cost-effective smart phones and has also maintained the performance graph with its early release. The new one in its series is expected to be good from every perspective whether it’s the look or the performance.

If anyone is looking forward to a budget phone, then Motorola Z2 is something we can recommend for sure. However, before you buy it, here is a complete list of specifications that you can expect:

Build and Design
The Smartphone comes with a latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and shatterproof display. The company claims its new flagship to be 80% stronger than its predecessors. Built out of 7000 series Aluminium this Smartphone is ultimately going to take quite a few cases of abuse without losing the data or causing any harm to the phone.

The phone was launched at an event in New York, and the Motorola cell phone repair technicians say that the phone is going to be available from August 10. There are two variants of the phone, one with 4 GB RAM and second with 6GB RAM. The expandable storage option is 64 GB and 128 GB respectively. Both of the phones are said to be simply astonishing from the point of view design and performance.

The Motorola Z2 is going to be seen with 12-megapixel primary camera and 5-megapixel selfie camera. Along with the shatterproof capabilities, the phone will be boasting dust and water proof resistance. With all these features, those who are into photography can expect some good clicks in all the conditions.

No headphone jack
Motorola had decided to get rid of the headphone jack which is likely to make the phone slimmer than its previous series. There will be a total of 5.99mm thickness, which is quite cool for a Smartphone. You are going to see three colours of this range of phone including Lunar Grey, Super Black, and Fine Gold says the Motorola parts providers.

After a successful launch event, the customers are indeed eyeing for something big from the upcoming release. Not much time is left till we get to see this excellent flagship by Motorola.  Till then stay tuned for our further updates. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Mighty: the new iPod Shuffle for Spotify

Everyone wanted to see some improvement in the iPod shuffle but for a long time nothing has been in the view. Thanks to the changing scenario that we have MIGHTY in access. Well, it’s not an apple product, but it certainly is an iPod shuffle for Spotify.  The most amazing thing about this gadget is it syncs the Spotify play list for offline playback and acts like a separate music player.

Design and build

It looks exactly similar to the iPod shuffle, but the size is a bit more. Mighty offers the same controls as that of iPod, including volume adjustment and skipping track that is placed around the big circular button. The circular button acts like a play button.
Experts at iPod Canada store says that the headphone jack is on the upper top, and there is also a clip for attaching the mighty to your shirt. As the hinge is tight and reliable, you don’t have to worry about anything.  


According to the company, it is a desktop app too, but the functioning is more focused on the smartphones.  Install the app on your smartphone and create a Mighty account.  Connect to the WiFi, link to the Spotify account, and you are ready to enjoy your choice of music.  The entire process will take no more than 10 minutes. 

Further, you can sync it with your play list which is again going to take no more than five minutes and will give you 25 hours worth music. The Mighty iPod Shuffle was invented by Anthony Mendelson, a Google engineer, who first turned into a winemaker and then launched the Mighty. The music gadget can be availed at a very affordable price for $85.

Mighty promises to store 48 hours of offline Spotify music and its credit can be given to the local storage built in the device. You can pair it with iOS or Android smartphone first. It comes with 5 hours of music life, which is considered impressive for everyone who loves music by the iPod parts Mississauga providers.

When you are out at the gym, you prefer something small and portable, and iPhone owners always found the iPhone to be not the perfect choice. For such requirements, the Mighty can be the best pick for you.

If you have not bought it yet, we will surely recommend you to give it a try.