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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Google Wi-Fi: Everything you need to know about it

We count on Wi-Fi where ever we are, whether it is video chatting, calling, or browsing. Strong Wi-Fi is the key to stay connected these days. And, now the new Wi-Fi will be related to Google also. Google has always been in the top chart when it comes to digital marketing and technology. The tradition is still continuing and after phones, we are going to see some top-notch hardware from Google. Instead of letting other providers utilize the software, it is launching its own version of the hardware.

We are talking about the Google Wi-Fi that is being noted down as Wi-Fi. Designed to give a fast signal all over, this device is all of a rave these days. But using a single router spread throughout the house is expecting something like lighting up every room with one bulb. The same goes with Wi-Fi, if you have a bigger house, there needs to be more than one router around. Google took this problem seriously and came out with a handy solution.

Last year, Google introduced OnHub with partners ASUS and TP-LINK. For a better Wi-Fi experience, you need to focus on the design and simplicity says the Asus tablet repair providers. The next step is towards Google Wi-Fi that is built on the strength of OnHub. Google Wi-Fi is going to be an expandable system, making it a great solution for bigger homes. All you need to do is adding Google Wi-Fi points and connect it to one another making way for a strong signal.

It is going to use the mesh technology and each point in this mess will be creating a high-powered connection. The different parts of the mesh work in coordination with each other, creating best path for the data. As a result, you get fast Wi-Fi in every corner of the house. It even comes with a Network assist technology and that saves you from the hassles of adjusting the router. This feature will automatically place you on the optimal Wi-Fi band for the device. Even while you are roaming, it will transition the device between Google Wi-Fi systems so that you can avoid dead spots and delays.

One interesting part of this new launch is – it is going to be a pretty, white, small Wi-Fi that you don’t need to hide. According to the Asus replacement parts providers Available from November itself; you can surely replace the ugly routers with this new, glamorous one.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

LG LV5: What you need to know

LG is all set to announce a brand new Android Smartphone that is something like the G5 (released in the first half of the year). Possibly, it is going to be known as LG LV5. Being a non-modular device, the new handset doesn't appear to be the successor of the LG G5 although, we are not sure of the rumours yet.

Recently, some of the images were revealed regarding the new flagship phone. Looking at this image, you can surely assume what the LG LV5 would "roughly" look like. The LG Smartphone allegedly has a curved front panel like the LG G5. On the back of the phone, we can see the regular camera with LED flash. Even a fingerprint scanner and a speaker are fitted towards the bottom of the phone.

If we go by the reports, the rear cover of the Smartphone is detachable and if the rear cover is detachable we can even assume the battery to be detachable. If the phone is going to be available as a non-modular version of the G5, then there is a possibility for Android Nougat 7.0. However, there is going to be a lot many differences in comparison to the G5.

Modular phones were always not the best bait when it came to smart phones, but there is a lot to see what these smart phones are going to hold within.Till now, there is no detailed info on where and when the LG LV5 will be available in the market. LG has been on the market for years now and no doubt it is one of those phones that we can assume to be the right competition for Samsung and iPhones says the LG parts Canada providers. With the passing year, the skill of the legendary cell phone maker has touched heights leading to increasing in expectations of the users.

With this new release going to be in the market soon, the expectation is set high and even the LG cell phone parts Canada providers assume it as a great deal going to hit the market. Check out the latest upcoming LG handset below and let us know if you like what you're seeing.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Button less Fingerprint sensors: Everything you need to know

The same old models, the same features, the same home buttons, aren’t you bored of it? Many of the phone enthusiasts out there are surely bored. So, if you are one of those who want to see something and interesting in the upcoming models, then this write-up is exclusively for you.

Just when Fingerprint Cards were making a buzz in the market, LG Innotek came with its own solution. It is a fingerprint module that can be integrated beneath the same glass cover. This will obviously bring an ease of designing for the phone maker and the audience will get to see and even use something unique and extraordinary. So, let’s see what it is and how it is going to affect the performance of upcoming phones.

How different is it?
Technically, the fingerprint reader needs a specific area of use. For an example, the home button sign on iPhone and Samsung models use a fingerprint reader. Whereas in the Sony experts and Google’s Nexus, it is available in the form of the power button. However, the new sensor can be integrated into the class, hence; there won’t be the need for an exterior sign at all.

Benefits of this new feature
According to the apple repair parts and apple accessories providers, they are looking forward to this innovation as it is surely going to make the functioning smooth. Even the benefits are high-end and if you are wondering that it holds just the aesthetic good, then you are wrong as this new version is surely going to hold other benefits. Technically, when the sensor is placed on the exterior, the display has to be robust. But, when it will be placed inside the glass wall, there won’t be anything like breakage or scratch issue. 

On a lower side, of this fingerprint module will be under the glass display, it is surely going to be a bit lighter. The LG parts Canada providers agree with it and hope that something good comes out to end this problem. Right now its common users will be Huawei and Nexus, but there is no such announcement yet. As for the iPhone and Samsung, till now, there is no sign of them taking a move towards this new innovation.
In the coming times, one can witness its users for sure.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Android Pay is coming to the web via Chrome soon

Android pay has been sweeping the market since its launch, thanks to the wide diversification of android user’s. The easiness to just tap your phone to make a payment has really got the users and Google are looking to make the game even bigger. Here are the recent announcements regarding the android pay.

 tablet screen repair

Android Pay comes to the web
Google has the habit taking things to the next level and as the Android pay adoption continues to grow with haste, it is looking to make the horizon even bigger with bringing the pay to the web. If the latest announcements are taken into consideration, the latest version of the company’s Chrome web browser will have the new API of Android Pay.

Android Pay for selected partners
Although Google hasn’t clearly stated exactly when the pay will go live and has not commented out too many details and how it will work through a browser. It is expected that the Pay will be initiated with limited and selected retail partners says the asus tablet parts Canada and tablet screen repair providers.

Not everything can be bought using Android Pay
Google has made its intentions clear about not using the Pay for online payments used for the purchase of goods and is intent more on offline transactions that are taking place for the day to day consumers.

Finger print verification
Another interesting, yet related development is that the fingerprint support can be incorporated into Google’s Chrome and web payment system in the future giving the users to make the payment across all media and portable devices through the payment platform. The deployment of finger verification will also enable a safer cross-channel for payments as well enable the users to make the use of varied platforms.

Android Pay for more banks
It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the support for Android Pay has been growing quickly lately among the users. The facts are only made strong with the recent announcements made by Google quoting that the support for more banks in UK and USA are arriving and being tested out by its experts. Google is also punching its marketing strategies to make its payment platform a household name among the users; with the latest coming as its collaboration with Uber to make discounted payments says the Asus tablet parts providers.

The effectiveness and ease of Android Pay haven't gone unnoticed and soon we can see the Pay for its cross mobile web platforms.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Origins of iPhone: Where it all started

iPhone has been considered as one of the most luxurious possessions when it comes to the Smartphone. No doubt, there is no competition when it comes to efficient and stunning features of iPhone. Don’t you want to know about the origin of these excellent cell phones? There is no denying that every smartphone has its unique story and the same goes for the iPhone.

So, without further ado, let’s see where this story takes us to:
In 2004, 1000 apple employees gathered to work on a secret project named Purple Project. It took 30 months to complete this project and some of the key figures of the team were Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs. It is said that the whole project cost $150m and laid to the future revelation of the smartphones.

In 2007, Steve Jobs announced the launch of its first iPhone. It was 9th January at Macworld convention, San Francisco when Steve Jobs launched the multi-touch display. On 29th June, the first iPhone was available in the US market with 3 years of the contract. The 4GB model was released at the cost of $499, while the 8GB iPhone was available on the cost of $599. The first batch was a grand success and people queued around for this new phone.

Later on 11th July 2008, iPhone 3G was released in 22 countries worldwide. Along with several stunning features, this 3G phone was relatively low in cost. Some of the groundbreaking features were 3rd party apps, GPS, 3MP Camera, voice control, cut& paste capability, and video recording. After this, the much-awaited iPhone 4 hit the shelves and it was the first major redesign for original iPhones. The stainless steel and glass casing, square and flattened design made this cell phone stand out of the smartphone race and stunned the Apple accessories Canada providers. On its day of release, more than a million headsets were sold.

Further, in 2012, the iPhone 5 was launched following with iPhone 6 models in 2014 with a bigger screen and better features. There was no looking back after the release of iPhone 5. With its latest launch in the form of iPhone 6, it has even started acting in favor of photographers. Today’s iPhone images are unbeatable with such clear images and thrilling editing features. Not to forget the high-end voice recognition apps that make it stand above the all. Moreover, it is easy to reach the Apple repair parts providers now to get all the Apple accessories.

This was all about the iPhone series and its big launches ever since it first hit the market.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

5 Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

MacBook has always been a true bliss for the tech lovers. Functionality, efficiency, or fantastic apps, MacBook is just an awesome pick, no matter what you are looking forward to.  Here we are going to talk about the Mac apps you can put your hands for free on a rather lower price. The myth still prevails that for a better functioning you require spending a lot.  According to the Apple accessories providers, there are apps that are available at a very low price and some are even for free. So, let’s see what these apps are:

                                                      apple iphone accessories

Want to make a quick note, opt for Evernote says the Apple accessoriesCanada providers. You can create a to-do list, jot down the reminder, as well as snap some pictures.  The search process is so simple that it makes Evernote the most popular choice of note-taking app.   Whatever you note down on this app, the information is then synced to the cloud. So, in one go you have all your important data at the right place that too for free.

Out of so many management apps, Clear is undoubtedly one of the best one.  With this app, you can arrange the work in the easiest manner. The features are simply arranged to save you from any confusion. The app lets you arrange the work according to the priority. Arrange and highlight the work with a red-yellow gradient. For crucial tasks, there is a provision for setting the due dates. Just $9.99 and you can get all your schedules arranged properly. 

Fantastical 2
Fantastical 2 even known as the calendar app is just a great option for MAC owners. For giving the instruction you don’t have to fill in specific dates and times. Just write in the instruction in simple language and the app will figure out what you want to do. The interface here is efficient enough to let you arrange the tasks separately.

If the Energy Saver section of MAC, then Amphetamine is the right choice. Being available in the menu bar, this app will keep the display turned on. With this one app, you can keep your Mac awake for hours. Being absolutely free, this app also enables global keys for activation and deactivation.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is the coolest tool for accessing the computer remotely. You don’t need the computer’s IP for doing so as the interface enables simple PIN authentication. So, no matter where you are, you can always access the data remotely. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Is That Extended Warranty Worthwhile?

 As the operational efficiency of phone increases, the price automatically surges. Whether you are making the payment in one instant or taking it on installments, you need to be sure about the purchase. Considering the value of your phone is important if you want to protect yourself from any major mishap.

Warranty vs. Insurance
Manufacturers usually offer an initial warranty that is not for more than one or two years. Customers fail to understand this trick and somehow get into the trap of buying luxury products. That means you have to be sure when you buy a phone, LG parts and look for the warranty they are offering. When we say guarantee that means it covers damages that are caused by manufacturers only. It doesn’t cover loss or theft and accidents.

On the other hand, when it comes to insurance, you have to ensure the safety of your device by paying a small amount. On an initial amount of payment, the insurer will cover all the other misfortunes and accidental cases.

Along with the warranties and insurance, you do have to understand the two most important term guarantee and warranty. The warranty of a product is always offered on a product is a written form. Look in the dictionary, you will find that the guarantee and warrantyis an almost same thing. In fact, they are synonyms, however, in reality, the difference is comparatively big. In case, there is something wrong with the product the buyer can simply claim for a replacement and repair. A very easy replacement and repair provision in offered by the manufacturer. So, all you have to do is go to one of the nearest LG parts Canada provider or the brand your product belongs from in order to claim your warranty

Some of the manufacturers do offer extended warranty and it can be simply beneficial to the buyers. Yet, in some cases, it was found that the buyers never got the chance to use these extended warranties. However, when it comes to guarantee, some of the sellers provide it without any written proof and that is where the customers fail to make a judgment. The guarantee and warranty both are a kind of agreement that needs to be fulfilled by the agreement and it completely depends on the terms and condition offered by the manufacturer that how you can claim for it.

So, before you make a purchase make sure you don’t get into the predicament of guarantee and warranty and get confirmed from LG phone repair Canada.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

4 Methods for Childproofing Your Electronics

Children are curious with the non-stop urge for discovering new things and there is no way you can stop that urge. Electronics is one such thing that is expensive for you and dangerous for your kids. According to the Apple accessories providers, most of the cases of broken cellphone screens either come from phones damaged by kids or pets. While these electronics can hardly affect your pets, these can be seriously dangerous for your kids. For a safe storage of electronics, including Apple iPhone accessories, you must follow a few tricks and here it is all that you need to move with:

1.       Screen Protectors 
You need to protect your screen from the outside forces and the best way to do this is by childproofing the phone. Better protect the phone with a plastic cover to ensure that your kid doesn't get into contact with broken screens. Buy a screen protector that suits the model of your smartphones with ease. Technically, this will protect the screen of your expensive phone as well as it is a barrier between the phone and your kids.

2.       Device Cases
Not just the glasses of the phone are the source of trouble, as even the back part of the phone can cause trouble for the kids. Moreover, they are hard to repair and you will directly have to go for the replacement of the back parts. The rubber bumper at the edge will dissipate the force of a crash landing. The rubber bumper offers a complete protection to the back part.

3.       Set Passwords
Only protecting the phone from the physical damage is not enough, you will even need to protect the inner features of the phone. Of course, you will not like to send an irrelevant message to your friends and colleagues and believe us kids are very good at doing this. Setting a device password allows you to keep the phone away from the reach of your children. They can touch it, but can’t access the functioning.

4.       Designate an E-Zone
Kids often keep the phone here and there and forget about it. So, if you want don’t want to spend hours looking for your phone, assign a specific place for keeping the phone. This way, it will keep them away from the reach of the kids.

The Apple accessories Canada providers say that with a little care and precautions, you can keep the phone away from the kids as well as damage.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Xperia XA Ultra: Sony announces a new Launch Soon

Are you someone who wants to capture every moment of your life in the form of photos? Well, this write-up is surely for you. Usually, people complain about trouble while clicking during the night. It is the dim light that spoils the mood of photography and lets you appear duller than what you are looking. However, this is high time as Sony Mobile communications has just announced a new addition to the Xperia X series. The fantastic part about this Smartphone is – It is going to offer a great image quality. So, it is day or night, you can pose in the same elegance anytime. For all those users who are a social media fanatic, this phone is going to be a great pick in a middle range.

All this is made possible by its 16MP front camera and the low light sensor for which Sony is always known for. Along with the other users, even the Sony cell phone parts provider are excited about this new launch. Its advanced selfie cam is perfect for the day and night pose and is surely going to offer sharp and bright photos. Its smart features naturally illuminate your face and the optical Image Stabilizer, lets you click while moving. Even the issue of blurry images has been reduced to a great level and ensures that your night clicks are better than ever.

Moving ahead, the hand shutter simplifies the whole process of photo and video clicks. Just raise your hand and the shutter and the time will start counting for the click. This will leave you with enough time to get that perfect pout.

As per the other specification, this slim camera will fit into your hand easily due its 6-inch display. Moreover, this bigger and brighter display is available without compromising on the battery life as it will offer the battery life of 2 days. The Xperia XA Ultra is available in Graphite Black, lime Gold, and white color.

Hence, it looks like it is the time to ditch your old phone and get this new addition. Don’t worry, you can get a good price for your old phone too. Just consult with a Sony accessories Canada provider and know the current value of your phone. After that, there is always a chance to sell it to the Sony parts Toronto providers.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

4 Ways To Clean Your Phone and Reboot The Productivity

It’s  high time when you are using a slow phone with so many apps on it. So, this is the time to declutter your phone and  give it a cleaning treat. Well, this is going to be a treat to yourself too as in return you will receive a smooth and more efficient phone to put your hands on. However, let’s tell you that just wiping it with alcohol or spirits is not going to do the job, after all, the mess is month’s old.

So, how are you going to do it? Don’t worry, this write-up will tell you all. Let’s start with without wasting any time.

            1.  Do you need all those apps?
When did you browse your phone the last time to check the memory consumption? Like any normal phone user, it has been seen that people keep downloading new apps and forget about the older one. It’s true that your phone providers come with the various amazing apps, but that doesn’t mean you need all these apps. So, take out 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and remove all those apps that you have not opened for the past 25 days. The blackberry accessories providers even recommend arranging these apps in a way that is easily available to you with ease. Arranging it alphabetically will be the right choice and do keep the most important ones on the home page.

 2.   Backup your Phone
Why you need to load your phone with every data you have, when there is a provision of saving it one the cloud storage. What blackberryparts want to say is – backup your phone regularly and let the browsing be done in an efficient manner.

      3.  Remove the unnecessary data
Clear  the cached data for sure. Usually, apps have the cached data for faster browsing, but this somehow lowers down the phone’s speed and causes more trouble. So, a better pick will be clear the cache data on a regular basis. Even the Wi-Fi logs can be cleared from time to time. Unknowingly, users go for  a number of different WiFi Logins and these logs are saved on your phone. There is always the freedom of deleting this log.

      4.  Restore it
If your phone is creating bigger issues, rather than visiting the blackberry phone repair shop, restore the phone to the factory setting. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Everything you need to Know about Asus ZenFone 3 Series

Asus is the Taiwanese company that is primarily known for dealing in computers and smart phones. Till date, it has launched many Android-based smart phones with ARM processors. It has maintained itself on a different note from the other companies by having two SIM slots in all of its models. Asus has left a great mark in the Asian countries like China, India, and Taiwan. One of its appreciable products is the ZenFone series that is now available in a number of series, including ZenFone 5, 6, C, 2 and more.

Here, you are going to know about its upcoming version ZenFone 3 Series. The Asus parts Canada providers are already excited about this new release. It is expected to hit the Taiwanese market in the mid of July. The products will range from $110 to $370 according to the features and size. There will be three models in all, starting with 4.5 and will include 5” and 5.5”. Rumors are even that the last  one can be even of the size of 6”. As for the color options, there will be five options including White, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Black.

 The screen is said to cover in 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 and the handset is expected to be slimmer than ever. Along the metal frame, you will get a sealed battery. Like the previous versions, even this one is available with Dual-SIM connectivity and a MicroSD slot for extra storage.

However, unlike the previous versions, this one will be powered by Snapdragon  and MediaTek in the ratio of 9:1. So, Asusreplacement parts has ditched the Intel chipsets that it used in its previous cell phones.  All these models will be integrated with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage in total. The latest models will run on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is heard of scoring 1,35,000 on AnTuTu’s benchmark list.

According to the leaked sources, the camera for this 3 generation phone will hold 8-MP front snapper and a 23-MP rear Camera. According to the Asus tablet parts providers, customers are eagerly waiting for this release and hoping to see some great changes in this new phone.

However, for now, one can just talk according to the leaked sources and wait till Asus finally brings its third generation series in the market. So, let the excitement build and wait to see what’s behind the door.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

iPhone 7 Plus and the New Apple Accessories: All you need to know

iPhone 7 Plus is going be launched soon! What? When? Where? Oh My Gosh is that true? There are thousands of questions that hit the minds of the users once they hear about a new iPhone launch. So, if you are one of the Apple fans, then this is the right place to know everything about the Apple phone and Apple accessories CanadaHowever, here you will know everything related to Apple’s upcoming launch. Combining all the rumors, design changes, added features, and specs, here we have everything that you need to know about iPhone 7 Plus:

Following its 2014 series of 6 Plus and 2015’s 6s Plus, this is the time for the next big launch that is iPhone 7 Plus. Expected to be launched in the latter half of the year, this phone might even be known as iPhone Pro.

So, what it is going to be like? 

Probably the launch is going to be in September 2016. The rumors are that there will 2-3 launch in one go, including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. According to sources, the iPhone 7 will be somewhat 4.7-inch and the iPhone 7 Plus will be 5.5- inch. Even the designs are going to be changed and perhaps, this is going to be the slimmest phone ever. However, much cannot be said about the redesign.

As per the specifications and apple accessories the battery life is said to be improved in the newer version. However, if it comes in between the other specifications, then there can’t be any surety about it. The gig is all about the higher screen resolution, it will be pushed up to 401 ppi just like the Plus model. It is also said that the unlike the current models the camera will sit flush with the back and even the antenna bars will be missing from the 7 Plus phones.

Some other rumors are about better waterproofing, no headphone jack, and dual camera. Well, it looks like everyone is eagerly waiting for this new launch, but let’s see when it hits the market. Even the Apple iPhone accessories are expected to surprise the customers, but right now all we can do is to wait for the release.

No matter what changes it is going to accumulate, one thing is for sure, that it is going to be big and amazing than ever before.

Monday, 23 May 2016

5 Tips from Samsung Canada Parts Store that Every Samsung Galaxy Owner Should Know

The first time users of the Samsung Galaxy Phone might feel like they are on  a treasure hunt. Why not, whenever Samsung Launches a new phone in the market, it comes with loads of new and fabulous features. The feeling is absolutely overwhelming with so many apps to explore. But, to squeeze the maximum out of your phone, you must know these few features that your phone might be hiding in it.

So, without much ado, let’s start with finding what hides inside your phone:

Samsung Quick setting
When we talk about the Samsung phones, it’s always the chance of quick setting. The Quick Setting offered in all the Galaxy Phones by Samsung is really appreciable. Wi-Fi, Phone Modes, Screen Rotation, and a lot more. Just one slide and a click and you can connect to your Wi-Fi the way you want to. Bluetooth, Hotspot, and almost everything can be handled from here. These tricks can be easily consulted via the Samsung cell phone parts sellers.

Run Two Apps In One Screen
Just like the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, Samsung does have the ability to throw multiple apps on  one screen. Switch on the Multi Window option and you can run two programs on one window simultaneously. Well, that leaves you with some serious multitasking ability. Also, you can move content from one window to another one easily.

Speed Up
Samsung's voice assistant, it is doing really well to speed up your phone. Go to the S Voice, from there you have to tap on the three buttons available on the upper right corner. From there, click on the Open via the Home key option.

Customize Setting Menu
The whole Samsung setting can be customized in just one click. So, it is in your favor if you prefer one function over another. Swipe down the top screen and tap down on the grid button. Next, it will be the editing time, so, start dragging the buttons to your favorite position.

Go One Handed
The one-handed operation feature shrinks the display into a manageable size. Go to the setting menu and enable the one-handed operation from there. To use this mode, start sliding from the very right edge of the screen and go back to relatively swift motion. To exit this mode, just tap on the top right corner.

So, the next time you start browsing you do it more effectively. For any further issue, you can contact the Samsung parts Canada.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part 1)

Getting your phone dropped in a bath tub, pool or any other water body is a common phenomenon. However, it can certainly turn into a nightmare of your life as you are not only losing the money but also some precious data like photos, videos, contacts, messages and much more. All this information is much more precious than losing few hundred bucks, and thus you need to take efforts to save your phone from extreme water damage. Here are the few steps that you need to perform in case of water damage.

  • Turn off your phone immediately: In case your phone is dropped into water, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to switch it off immediately without wasting a second. This crucial step would prevent the water from entering into your LG parts and circuits for preventing severe damage. You also need to wipe out the water from your phone surface through a paper towels or some dry piece of cloth so that you don't have to roam in whole Canada to look for an effective LG phone repair Canada service.

  • Do not plug in your phone: Most of the phone repair centers in Canada will advise you not to plug in your phone as it could be really risky if the water has already entered your circuit board. It could really damage your circuitry to a great extent. In this case, you are advised to remove your phone parts like SIM card, battery, memory card and other such components so as to be on safe side.

  • Avoid doing the repair task by yourself: Don't fiddle out with your phone unnecessarily as it could affect the LG service Canada warranty contract that came with your phone. Further, you could cause damage to any phone part during that repairing task and may end up looking for an affordable and high quality phone repairing center in Canada.

  • Make use of high tech vacuum approach: As, water boils at lower temperatures and with the pressure also being low, this high tech vacuum approach can remove water out of your LG phone. It is one of the few techniques that are used by numerous companies in Canada for phone drying. With this method, you can make your phone work again without comprising with your phone data and parts as it vaporizes the water from your phone.

It is important to follow these simple guidelines to prevent your mobile phone from water related damages. These simple tips can prevent you from incurring heavy phone damage due to water seepage into various mobile parts and areas. For more information in this context, do give a read to the next part - Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part 2)

Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part 2)

Water damage is one of the key factors that can cause a roadblock in long term functioning and performance of your phone. Although there is no sure shot way to keep such accidents from happening yet having adequate information about what to do can prevent your phone from severe damage. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow if your phone has been in contact with water for a short period of time.


·         Try out other alternative methods to dry out your phone: If you want to bypass the costly HTC phone repair service, you need to ensure that your HTC parts are dried properly in order to avoid serious damages. Otherwise, you would have to look for an effective phone repairing service in Canada which is also pocket-friendly. But before that, you should try out these alternative methods for drying up your phone. You may use silica gel, couscous or cat litter. These are excellent water absorbers, and are readily available in your nearby grocery store. Before trying to turn on your phone again, you need to be double sure that all your HTC accessories and parts are fully dried for the seamless working of your phone.

·         Have a back up of your phone data for future help: Once your phone has been properly dried, it is important to take the backup of your phone data like images, videos, contacts, messages and other media files. This crucial step will help you in easy recovery of your phone data in case your phone gets malfunctioned, affected by a virus, or the data gets corrupt. Moreover, you don't have to look for an effective HTC accessories Canada and phone repair services in Canada for recovering the lost data of your HTC or any other brand phone. You are advised to sync your phone with your computer frequently to carry out the data backup process in a seamless manner.

·         Test out your phone to check if it is working fine or not: Even after drying up your phone, to have a trouble-free restart of your phone, you need to test out if your phone does not require HTC phone repair services. To test your phone, first charge it up for few minutes followed by required hours. Now, you need to synchronize your phone for the data backup and reassign your battery to its original slot. Finally, you need to put your SIM card and SD data card into their respective slots to check the effective working and performance of your phone.

By following all these wonderful tips, you can be sure of preventing your phone from severe water damage. Always remember, “Prevention is better than cure.” so, perform the above mentioned steps if your phone has been exposed to water accidentally to ensure the seamless working of your phone.
For more information in this context read to the Previous part - Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part1)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Careful tips to ensure the seamless repairing of your mobile phones (Part 2)

As, discussed earlier, mobile repairing is a crucial task and needs to be undertaken with utmost care and attention as it can be dangerous for you as well as your mobile phone. Ignoring these safety tips can be hazardous for your phone and could cause damage to your internal cell phone components, loss or breach of personal information, losing of phone contacts or other such problems. Although, you can take the help of our effective mobile or Tablet repair parts store, Esource Parts that specializes in mobile repairing and phone unlocking services. But, if you think you are skilled enough to do this task by yourself, following tips will be helpful for you. Here are some safety instructions that could help you in completing this task in a flawless manner.

l  Create the proper workspace to carry out the task efficiently: Even though you have all the right tools at your side, still there’s something that needs to be done in order to carry out the mobile repairing task effectively. You need to prepare the proper workspace for opening your branded Motorola parts prized iPhone replacement parts Samsung cell phone parts or any other mobile brands. First, try to remove any liquids that might spill or any other heavy objects that may fall on your phone and may cause damage to it. Ensure that you are having a large workspace area to place your tools as well as your mobile parts, screws, etc.

                                         Loudspeaker for iphone 5s Original

l  Take required backup of your contacts, memory card or other important data: To prevent the loss of important information and crucial data from your phone, it is advised to take the backup of your contacts, memory card and other such data. If you are not sure about how to perform the backup for your HTC Desire series, you can always contact our HTC parts Canada store, Esource Parts. We’d help you with backing up your data, providing mobile spare parts and phone unlocking services for various mobile brands. Moreover, you need to check that the default save settings of your photo, videos and other data on your phone is set to “memory card” instead of “phone memory”.

                                                    HTC Desire 601 Housing - Black

l  Document the entire process and take appropriate time: While carrying out the mobile repairing things like opening a cell phone part, etc. don't try to make haste. It might be possible that a hidden screw is needed to be opened to operate further or the binding adhesive is not heated in order to remove the front panel and/or other parts of your phone/tablet. You may also want to document down the entire process so that you can carry out the repairing task painlessly the next time.

By adhering to the above mentioned tips, getting your mobile phone repaired would be a cakewalk experience. Don't take chances with your branded phone, and give equal weightage to these valuable tips to avoid the long term damage.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Common issues pertaining to your phone and their simple solutions

In this busy lifestyle where people are engrossed so much in their professional lives, mobile phones have become the ultimate communication medium that connects people to their loved ones. Mobile phone devices have become the indispensable part of numerous people, and if there is a sudden issue with them, everything seems to be in a standstill. Further, to add to your suffering, it is difficult to find a reputed mobile repairing service provider that can provide you satisfactory services. With Esource Parts, a renowned mobile and tablet parts store and provides top notch mobile repairing and phone unlocking services for various mobile brands, everything has become much simplified. Here is the list of some of the common phone problems and their simple DIY (Do- It- Yourself) protective tips from our mobile repairing experts at Esource Parts.


l  Cracked/broken display screen: It is a fact that most of the mobile display screens are not made up of superior quality fiber material. Also, due to the introduction of smart phones, the screens of mobile phone devices have become much bigger, and are, thus, prone to damage if drops accidently. To save your branded phone from the impact of falling, it is advised to keep your phone under a protective cover, hard plastic casing or a padded pouch that can absorb the impact of the shock without causing damage to your phone screens. If you are unable to find the suitable cover for your phone, we would advise you to arrive at our Motorola Canada parts  store, Esource Parts. We can provide affordable, impact-resistant and attractive protection cover for your customized Motorola Moto X series, high tech and prized iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series, HTC Desire series, LG Nexus series and other such cell phone brands.

                                                   S-Line Wave Soft TPU Silicone Cover Case For Motorola Moto G XT-1032 - White

l  Non-functioning of the charging port: Due to the frequent charging, the charging port as well as the charger may stop functioning properly. In these circumstances, it is recommended for you to charge your mobile phone devices only when the battery indicator shows charging level 5 to 1 percent in order to save your phone charging port from getting damaged. It generally happens due to overcharging. Further, if your HTC charger has stopped working, you can find the genuine, high quality, eco- friendly and affordable charger at our HTC accessories Canada store, Esource Parts. We provide mobile spare parts and accessories for brands like iPhone, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Sony, Nokia and much more.

                               HTC One M7 Back Housing Cover  - White

l  Frequent phone-hangs: It has become a common phenomenon for numerous mobile phone owners that their phone hangs up or freezes frequently. To overcome this issue, you need to check that there is adequate memory space in your phone and multiple apps are not running simultaneously. It may be that your mobile phone device’s hardware and other specifications are not compatible for a certain type of app. If so, you should not install such apps.

You can always get the high quality mobile and tablet parts along with the customer-friendly mobile repairing and unlocking services at our store, Esource Parts. Visit us at now.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Careful tips to ensure the seamless repairing of your mobile phones (Part 1)

Getting your phone damaged due to human errors or unfriendly environment can be turn out into a biggest nightmare for anyone. For many of you, a damaged mobile phone can bring your life to a standstill. You may feel miserable and desperately look for effective mobile repairing services that can come for a rescue. However, you can now take the sigh of relief due to the emergence of mobile or tablet repair parts services available with Esource Parts. We have been providing exceptional services to our numerous clients for quite a long time. However, if you are much inspired by the DIY (Do It Yourself) philosophy, you need to take care of the following things:

  1. Analyze the risk-level involved in repairing the mobile device on your own: As they say—you should know the depth of the well before you jump into it. Similarly, you need to be aware of the risks that are involved in repairing the device on your own. There are chances that you can harm yourself or the device that you are intended to repair. If you think that the damage occurred in your mobile device is covered under the warranty period, we would advise you not to take chances by trying to do things of your own. This will provide you immunity from any physical damage to your device or any loss of crucial data. So, explore all the possible options before taking the task into your own hands so as to avoid major damage to your device.

  1. Finding the right appropriate replacement parts for your device- While carrying out the repair work, it is certain that you would require the genuine replacement parts for your mobile device. Unfortunately, this task can be really a gruesome work and can give you much pain and headache. But, you can now avail the wonderful services of our mobile and tablet repair parts store, Esource Parts, which is renowned across Canada due to its high quality, genuine and affordable mobile spare parts. Don’t worry if you are looking for the iphone replacement parts for your priced iPhone or the customizable Motorola Moto X series, our Motorola parts Canada store can provide you with all the desired parts for your branded smart phone.

Apart from this, you can now get the HTCaccessories for various HTC models and repair parts for other mobile brands like Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry and other such manufacturers at our Esource Parts store. With the easy availability of the replacement parts for your mobile phone, you can undertake the mobile repairing task with great ease. 

Replacement Part for HTC One M9 SIM Card Reader Contact with Flex Cable Ribbon              Replacement Part for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 SM-T530 Digitizer Touch Screen - Black              Metal Home Button Spacer Holder for iphone 5S Original 

  1. Check that you are having the right tools at your side: Various mobile devices from different manufacturers arrive with different screws and, thus, require special screw drivers and tools to open them up. Devices like the new iPhones and MacBook Air require the assistance of special screwdrivers to get them opened. Further, other mobile devices use standard Torx and Philips screws that can be handled by a screwdriver set consisting of multiple small hexes, Philips, tri-wing, Torx and nut driver bits.

Moreover, you need the assistance of a thin metal and plastic case opening tools along with the other tools like tweezers, heat gun, and other such components.

Considering all these above points, it would not be much difficult for you to carry out the mobile repairing task. Further, if you want to know more about this, you need to check out the next update of this article at Careful tips to ensure the seamless repairing of your mobile phones (Part 2).
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