Monday, 21 March 2016

Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part 2)

Water damage is one of the key factors that can cause a roadblock in long term functioning and performance of your phone. Although there is no sure shot way to keep such accidents from happening yet having adequate information about what to do can prevent your phone from severe damage. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow if your phone has been in contact with water for a short period of time.


·         Try out other alternative methods to dry out your phone: If you want to bypass the costly HTC phone repair service, you need to ensure that your HTC parts are dried properly in order to avoid serious damages. Otherwise, you would have to look for an effective phone repairing service in Canada which is also pocket-friendly. But before that, you should try out these alternative methods for drying up your phone. You may use silica gel, couscous or cat litter. These are excellent water absorbers, and are readily available in your nearby grocery store. Before trying to turn on your phone again, you need to be double sure that all your HTC accessories and parts are fully dried for the seamless working of your phone.

·         Have a back up of your phone data for future help: Once your phone has been properly dried, it is important to take the backup of your phone data like images, videos, contacts, messages and other media files. This crucial step will help you in easy recovery of your phone data in case your phone gets malfunctioned, affected by a virus, or the data gets corrupt. Moreover, you don't have to look for an effective HTC accessories Canada and phone repair services in Canada for recovering the lost data of your HTC or any other brand phone. You are advised to sync your phone with your computer frequently to carry out the data backup process in a seamless manner.

·         Test out your phone to check if it is working fine or not: Even after drying up your phone, to have a trouble-free restart of your phone, you need to test out if your phone does not require HTC phone repair services. To test your phone, first charge it up for few minutes followed by required hours. Now, you need to synchronize your phone for the data backup and reassign your battery to its original slot. Finally, you need to put your SIM card and SD data card into their respective slots to check the effective working and performance of your phone.

By following all these wonderful tips, you can be sure of preventing your phone from severe water damage. Always remember, “Prevention is better than cure.” so, perform the above mentioned steps if your phone has been exposed to water accidentally to ensure the seamless working of your phone.
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