Monday, 21 March 2016

Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part 1)

Getting your phone dropped in a bath tub, pool or any other water body is a common phenomenon. However, it can certainly turn into a nightmare of your life as you are not only losing the money but also some precious data like photos, videos, contacts, messages and much more. All this information is much more precious than losing few hundred bucks, and thus you need to take efforts to save your phone from extreme water damage. Here are the few steps that you need to perform in case of water damage.

  • Turn off your phone immediately: In case your phone is dropped into water, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to switch it off immediately without wasting a second. This crucial step would prevent the water from entering into your LG parts and circuits for preventing severe damage. You also need to wipe out the water from your phone surface through a paper towels or some dry piece of cloth so that you don't have to roam in whole Canada to look for an effective LG phone repair Canada service.

  • Do not plug in your phone: Most of the phone repair centers in Canada will advise you not to plug in your phone as it could be really risky if the water has already entered your circuit board. It could really damage your circuitry to a great extent. In this case, you are advised to remove your phone parts like SIM card, battery, memory card and other such components so as to be on safe side.

  • Avoid doing the repair task by yourself: Don't fiddle out with your phone unnecessarily as it could affect the LG service Canada warranty contract that came with your phone. Further, you could cause damage to any phone part during that repairing task and may end up looking for an affordable and high quality phone repairing center in Canada.

  • Make use of high tech vacuum approach: As, water boils at lower temperatures and with the pressure also being low, this high tech vacuum approach can remove water out of your LG phone. It is one of the few techniques that are used by numerous companies in Canada for phone drying. With this method, you can make your phone work again without comprising with your phone data and parts as it vaporizes the water from your phone.

It is important to follow these simple guidelines to prevent your mobile phone from water related damages. These simple tips can prevent you from incurring heavy phone damage due to water seepage into various mobile parts and areas. For more information in this context, do give a read to the next part - Fix your phone from water damage in easy steps (Part 2)

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