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Sunday, 29 May 2016

iPhone 7 Plus and the New Apple Accessories: All you need to know

iPhone 7 Plus is going be launched soon! What? When? Where? Oh My Gosh is that true? There are thousands of questions that hit the minds of the users once they hear about a new iPhone launch. So, if you are one of the Apple fans, then this is the right place to know everything about the Apple phone and Apple accessories CanadaHowever, here you will know everything related to Apple’s upcoming launch. Combining all the rumors, design changes, added features, and specs, here we have everything that you need to know about iPhone 7 Plus:

Following its 2014 series of 6 Plus and 2015’s 6s Plus, this is the time for the next big launch that is iPhone 7 Plus. Expected to be launched in the latter half of the year, this phone might even be known as iPhone Pro.

So, what it is going to be like? 

Probably the launch is going to be in September 2016. The rumors are that there will 2-3 launch in one go, including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. According to sources, the iPhone 7 will be somewhat 4.7-inch and the iPhone 7 Plus will be 5.5- inch. Even the designs are going to be changed and perhaps, this is going to be the slimmest phone ever. However, much cannot be said about the redesign.

As per the specifications and apple accessories the battery life is said to be improved in the newer version. However, if it comes in between the other specifications, then there can’t be any surety about it. The gig is all about the higher screen resolution, it will be pushed up to 401 ppi just like the Plus model. It is also said that the unlike the current models the camera will sit flush with the back and even the antenna bars will be missing from the 7 Plus phones.

Some other rumors are about better waterproofing, no headphone jack, and dual camera. Well, it looks like everyone is eagerly waiting for this new launch, but let’s see when it hits the market. Even the Apple iPhone accessories are expected to surprise the customers, but right now all we can do is to wait for the release.

No matter what changes it is going to accumulate, one thing is for sure, that it is going to be big and amazing than ever before.

Monday, 23 May 2016

5 Tips from Samsung Canada Parts Store that Every Samsung Galaxy Owner Should Know

The first time users of the Samsung Galaxy Phone might feel like they are on  a treasure hunt. Why not, whenever Samsung Launches a new phone in the market, it comes with loads of new and fabulous features. The feeling is absolutely overwhelming with so many apps to explore. But, to squeeze the maximum out of your phone, you must know these few features that your phone might be hiding in it.

So, without much ado, let’s start with finding what hides inside your phone:

Samsung Quick setting
When we talk about the Samsung phones, it’s always the chance of quick setting. The Quick Setting offered in all the Galaxy Phones by Samsung is really appreciable. Wi-Fi, Phone Modes, Screen Rotation, and a lot more. Just one slide and a click and you can connect to your Wi-Fi the way you want to. Bluetooth, Hotspot, and almost everything can be handled from here. These tricks can be easily consulted via the Samsung cell phone parts sellers.

Run Two Apps In One Screen
Just like the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, Samsung does have the ability to throw multiple apps on  one screen. Switch on the Multi Window option and you can run two programs on one window simultaneously. Well, that leaves you with some serious multitasking ability. Also, you can move content from one window to another one easily.

Speed Up
Samsung's voice assistant, it is doing really well to speed up your phone. Go to the S Voice, from there you have to tap on the three buttons available on the upper right corner. From there, click on the Open via the Home key option.

Customize Setting Menu
The whole Samsung setting can be customized in just one click. So, it is in your favor if you prefer one function over another. Swipe down the top screen and tap down on the grid button. Next, it will be the editing time, so, start dragging the buttons to your favorite position.

Go One Handed
The one-handed operation feature shrinks the display into a manageable size. Go to the setting menu and enable the one-handed operation from there. To use this mode, start sliding from the very right edge of the screen and go back to relatively swift motion. To exit this mode, just tap on the top right corner.

So, the next time you start browsing you do it more effectively. For any further issue, you can contact the Samsung parts Canada.