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Sunday, 19 June 2016

4 Ways To Clean Your Phone and Reboot The Productivity

It’s  high time when you are using a slow phone with so many apps on it. So, this is the time to declutter your phone and  give it a cleaning treat. Well, this is going to be a treat to yourself too as in return you will receive a smooth and more efficient phone to put your hands on. However, let’s tell you that just wiping it with alcohol or spirits is not going to do the job, after all, the mess is month’s old.

So, how are you going to do it? Don’t worry, this write-up will tell you all. Let’s start with without wasting any time.

            1.  Do you need all those apps?
When did you browse your phone the last time to check the memory consumption? Like any normal phone user, it has been seen that people keep downloading new apps and forget about the older one. It’s true that your phone providers come with the various amazing apps, but that doesn’t mean you need all these apps. So, take out 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and remove all those apps that you have not opened for the past 25 days. The blackberry accessories providers even recommend arranging these apps in a way that is easily available to you with ease. Arranging it alphabetically will be the right choice and do keep the most important ones on the home page.

 2.   Backup your Phone
Why you need to load your phone with every data you have, when there is a provision of saving it one the cloud storage. What blackberryparts want to say is – backup your phone regularly and let the browsing be done in an efficient manner.

      3.  Remove the unnecessary data
Clear  the cached data for sure. Usually, apps have the cached data for faster browsing, but this somehow lowers down the phone’s speed and causes more trouble. So, a better pick will be clear the cache data on a regular basis. Even the Wi-Fi logs can be cleared from time to time. Unknowingly, users go for  a number of different WiFi Logins and these logs are saved on your phone. There is always the freedom of deleting this log.

      4.  Restore it
If your phone is creating bigger issues, rather than visiting the blackberry phone repair shop, restore the phone to the factory setting. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Everything you need to Know about Asus ZenFone 3 Series

Asus is the Taiwanese company that is primarily known for dealing in computers and smart phones. Till date, it has launched many Android-based smart phones with ARM processors. It has maintained itself on a different note from the other companies by having two SIM slots in all of its models. Asus has left a great mark in the Asian countries like China, India, and Taiwan. One of its appreciable products is the ZenFone series that is now available in a number of series, including ZenFone 5, 6, C, 2 and more.

Here, you are going to know about its upcoming version ZenFone 3 Series. The Asus parts Canada providers are already excited about this new release. It is expected to hit the Taiwanese market in the mid of July. The products will range from $110 to $370 according to the features and size. There will be three models in all, starting with 4.5 and will include 5” and 5.5”. Rumors are even that the last  one can be even of the size of 6”. As for the color options, there will be five options including White, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Black.

 The screen is said to cover in 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 and the handset is expected to be slimmer than ever. Along the metal frame, you will get a sealed battery. Like the previous versions, even this one is available with Dual-SIM connectivity and a MicroSD slot for extra storage.

However, unlike the previous versions, this one will be powered by Snapdragon  and MediaTek in the ratio of 9:1. So, Asusreplacement parts has ditched the Intel chipsets that it used in its previous cell phones.  All these models will be integrated with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage in total. The latest models will run on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is heard of scoring 1,35,000 on AnTuTu’s benchmark list.

According to the leaked sources, the camera for this 3 generation phone will hold 8-MP front snapper and a 23-MP rear Camera. According to the Asus tablet parts providers, customers are eagerly waiting for this release and hoping to see some great changes in this new phone.

However, for now, one can just talk according to the leaked sources and wait till Asus finally brings its third generation series in the market. So, let the excitement build and wait to see what’s behind the door.