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Sunday, 30 October 2016

LG LV5: What you need to know

LG is all set to announce a brand new Android Smartphone that is something like the G5 (released in the first half of the year). Possibly, it is going to be known as LG LV5. Being a non-modular device, the new handset doesn't appear to be the successor of the LG G5 although, we are not sure of the rumours yet.

Recently, some of the images were revealed regarding the new flagship phone. Looking at this image, you can surely assume what the LG LV5 would "roughly" look like. The LG Smartphone allegedly has a curved front panel like the LG G5. On the back of the phone, we can see the regular camera with LED flash. Even a fingerprint scanner and a speaker are fitted towards the bottom of the phone.

If we go by the reports, the rear cover of the Smartphone is detachable and if the rear cover is detachable we can even assume the battery to be detachable. If the phone is going to be available as a non-modular version of the G5, then there is a possibility for Android Nougat 7.0. However, there is going to be a lot many differences in comparison to the G5.

Modular phones were always not the best bait when it came to smart phones, but there is a lot to see what these smart phones are going to hold within.Till now, there is no detailed info on where and when the LG LV5 will be available in the market. LG has been on the market for years now and no doubt it is one of those phones that we can assume to be the right competition for Samsung and iPhones says the LG parts Canada providers. With the passing year, the skill of the legendary cell phone maker has touched heights leading to increasing in expectations of the users.

With this new release going to be in the market soon, the expectation is set high and even the LG cell phone parts Canada providers assume it as a great deal going to hit the market. Check out the latest upcoming LG handset below and let us know if you like what you're seeing.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Button less Fingerprint sensors: Everything you need to know

The same old models, the same features, the same home buttons, aren’t you bored of it? Many of the phone enthusiasts out there are surely bored. So, if you are one of those who want to see something and interesting in the upcoming models, then this write-up is exclusively for you.

Just when Fingerprint Cards were making a buzz in the market, LG Innotek came with its own solution. It is a fingerprint module that can be integrated beneath the same glass cover. This will obviously bring an ease of designing for the phone maker and the audience will get to see and even use something unique and extraordinary. So, let’s see what it is and how it is going to affect the performance of upcoming phones.

How different is it?
Technically, the fingerprint reader needs a specific area of use. For an example, the home button sign on iPhone and Samsung models use a fingerprint reader. Whereas in the Sony experts and Google’s Nexus, it is available in the form of the power button. However, the new sensor can be integrated into the class, hence; there won’t be the need for an exterior sign at all.

Benefits of this new feature
According to the apple repair parts and apple accessories providers, they are looking forward to this innovation as it is surely going to make the functioning smooth. Even the benefits are high-end and if you are wondering that it holds just the aesthetic good, then you are wrong as this new version is surely going to hold other benefits. Technically, when the sensor is placed on the exterior, the display has to be robust. But, when it will be placed inside the glass wall, there won’t be anything like breakage or scratch issue. 

On a lower side, of this fingerprint module will be under the glass display, it is surely going to be a bit lighter. The LG parts Canada providers agree with it and hope that something good comes out to end this problem. Right now its common users will be Huawei and Nexus, but there is no such announcement yet. As for the iPhone and Samsung, till now, there is no sign of them taking a move towards this new innovation.
In the coming times, one can witness its users for sure.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Android Pay is coming to the web via Chrome soon

Android pay has been sweeping the market since its launch, thanks to the wide diversification of android user’s. The easiness to just tap your phone to make a payment has really got the users and Google are looking to make the game even bigger. Here are the recent announcements regarding the android pay.

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Android Pay comes to the web
Google has the habit taking things to the next level and as the Android pay adoption continues to grow with haste, it is looking to make the horizon even bigger with bringing the pay to the web. If the latest announcements are taken into consideration, the latest version of the company’s Chrome web browser will have the new API of Android Pay.

Android Pay for selected partners
Although Google hasn’t clearly stated exactly when the pay will go live and has not commented out too many details and how it will work through a browser. It is expected that the Pay will be initiated with limited and selected retail partners says the asus tablet parts Canada and tablet screen repair providers.

Not everything can be bought using Android Pay
Google has made its intentions clear about not using the Pay for online payments used for the purchase of goods and is intent more on offline transactions that are taking place for the day to day consumers.

Finger print verification
Another interesting, yet related development is that the fingerprint support can be incorporated into Google’s Chrome and web payment system in the future giving the users to make the payment across all media and portable devices through the payment platform. The deployment of finger verification will also enable a safer cross-channel for payments as well enable the users to make the use of varied platforms.

Android Pay for more banks
It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the support for Android Pay has been growing quickly lately among the users. The facts are only made strong with the recent announcements made by Google quoting that the support for more banks in UK and USA are arriving and being tested out by its experts. Google is also punching its marketing strategies to make its payment platform a household name among the users; with the latest coming as its collaboration with Uber to make discounted payments says the Asus tablet parts providers.

The effectiveness and ease of Android Pay haven't gone unnoticed and soon we can see the Pay for its cross mobile web platforms.