Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Google Wi-Fi: Everything you need to know about it

We count on Wi-Fi where ever we are, whether it is video chatting, calling, or browsing. Strong Wi-Fi is the key to stay connected these days. And, now the new Wi-Fi will be related to Google also. Google has always been in the top chart when it comes to digital marketing and technology. The tradition is still continuing and after phones, we are going to see some top-notch hardware from Google. Instead of letting other providers utilize the software, it is launching its own version of the hardware.

We are talking about the Google Wi-Fi that is being noted down as Wi-Fi. Designed to give a fast signal all over, this device is all of a rave these days. But using a single router spread throughout the house is expecting something like lighting up every room with one bulb. The same goes with Wi-Fi, if you have a bigger house, there needs to be more than one router around. Google took this problem seriously and came out with a handy solution.

Last year, Google introduced OnHub with partners ASUS and TP-LINK. For a better Wi-Fi experience, you need to focus on the design and simplicity says the Asus tablet repair providers. The next step is towards Google Wi-Fi that is built on the strength of OnHub. Google Wi-Fi is going to be an expandable system, making it a great solution for bigger homes. All you need to do is adding Google Wi-Fi points and connect it to one another making way for a strong signal.

It is going to use the mesh technology and each point in this mess will be creating a high-powered connection. The different parts of the mesh work in coordination with each other, creating best path for the data. As a result, you get fast Wi-Fi in every corner of the house. It even comes with a Network assist technology and that saves you from the hassles of adjusting the router. This feature will automatically place you on the optimal Wi-Fi band for the device. Even while you are roaming, it will transition the device between Google Wi-Fi systems so that you can avoid dead spots and delays.

One interesting part of this new launch is – it is going to be a pretty, white, small Wi-Fi that you don’t need to hide. According to the Asus replacement parts providers Available from November itself; you can surely replace the ugly routers with this new, glamorous one.

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