Monday, 23 January 2017

Apple and Nokia Battle over Cell Phone Patents

iPhone is no doubt a technological marvel where you can watch videos, take photos, and download photos. It has been years since this one brand is taking over the cell phone market. And, we cannot even ignore Siri, the digital assistant app that performs more than half of your job.  

On the other hand, Nokia that was once the largest cell phone maker across the globe, until the time it was taken over by Android-based phones and Apple. The company, however, claims that none of the feature would have come into existence without its invention. The invention was made over many years that too after billion dollars of investment. For the past five years, Apple has paid a nice sum for all these researchers.

The trouble started when this agreement expired on Dec 31 and Nokia is claiming that the procedure of payments should continue. In return of this demand, Apple has refused to make any payments and has accused the company of extortion. Even after two years of talk, it looks like both the companies have not reached an agreement and this might be the cause of real trouble for both of the cell phone giants says the Apple repair parts providers.

According to the Apple’s spokesperson, they want to pay a small amount so that they don’t have to deal with any of the Nokia’s patents again.  Logically patent disputes are quite common in the cell phone market with most of the company fighting with other over minute resemblance or even big theft. According to Apple repair Toronto technicians, one of the popular cases can be known to be the Apple’s iPhone and Samsung fight over copying the look of the iPhones. 

Supreme Court of the United States came to a conclusion that Samsung has not to share all the profit over the cell phones for copying the designs. Its likely Samsung has won half of the case already. In a similar case, Google sued Oracle for copying a software code for Android.  Looks like this has been a year for lots of up and down for all the cell phone companies and the next verdict we are soon going to hear about is the Nokia and Apple case, which is likely to come out in the recent time. 

No matter what we want both the companies to be in the race of cell phone marketing and give us the best cell phone of times.

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