Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cell Phone repair and what you didn't know about it

Cell phone repair is a seemingly complex affair and seems tricky. You need parts to make repairs obviously and if you're in Canada, LG parts Canada is a great option. Now, to clear the air about repair: 

Only certified technicians can fix my phone

Experience is the key that helps fixing a phone, and technicians can gain experience by using the vast resources around them. Certification can be obtained only from private cell phone repair courses. Some people might need to be certified, but distinguished professionals can be found through word of mouth or online reviews.

My warranty will be voided if a third party repairs my phone

 An iPhone or Samsung phone with a broken screen is already warranty voided. Retailers will try and convince you to replace it. However, going to a repair shop will not void the phone warranty and repairing it will be cheaper than replacing it most of the time.

Repairing my phone will cost too much money
The actual cost varies based on location, but it is usually worth it once you learn how much the value of your device is. Industry reports state that an iPhone 6 costs 179$ which is a small price to pay for a device that you are dependent on.

You’re charging 400$ to fix a 200$ phone?!

The value of flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone is greatly underestimated. A bargain buy like 199$ over two years affects how we perceive the cost of the device. The parts are of high quality and have to be replaced sometimes leading to the misconception. 

My cell phone is beyond repair

Don't worry, it isn't.

I can fix my device myself, I just need some research

While self-sufficiency is something to be encouraged, you should be experienced or extremely confident person to try this. The process is harder than it looks and a technician might be able to get your disassembled phone working again, but it will be frustrating and time consuming. Let the professionals do their jobs.

Phone repair shops are shady places and their employees aren't certified:

The industry shouldn't be seen as bad because of a few faulty parts. 90% of phone repair shops are owned independently and are small business shops that thrive on community reputation. The industry is at the most, filled with experienced technicians who love to help people. LG Phone Repair Canada is a great option if you're in the area and want an efficient job done.

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