Monday, 30 January 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 review

We are already in the era when cell phones have become the daily essential of life. And when the demand increases, the production increases as well. A number of cell phone providers are in the race to make their place in the heart of the customers. When we look back, it was Nokia and Motorola that ruled the entire cell phone market, but now the main fight is between Samsung and iPhone. 2016 was a year full of a roller coaster ride for the cell phone market with the Samsung hitting all time low.

When we look back, it was Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that created a lot of buzz throughout the year, but now people have almost forgotten about it. This is all because of the new arrivals which are in the form of Samsung Galaxy S7. Here we are going to discuss all the features including camera, storage, battery, display and much more.

Galaxy S7 designs
The new device here brings you a lot of significant changes that users were hoping for a long time now. This new device is fitted with a MicroSD card on the top left the side of the phone that too with extended capacity.  Another convenient feature of this phone is dust and water resistant. Believe us your phone can be dipped in 1.5 meters of water that too for up to half an hour. That means you can go out with your phone even when it's raining and don’t have to worry if the phone is out in your hand or in the wet pockets. The best part is it lets you take a selfie even in the worst weather and that's come like a true gift for the selfie lovers.

Another change has been the always on-screen abilities. So with this feature you get all your handy information like notifications, time, and personalized screens. This screen can have all the types of clocks, calendar views, and notifications. The display is of 1,440*2,560 with a Super AMOLED-built piece. Both the camera and performance of the phone have been improved and you can truly look forward to it for a better value for money. 

Sleek, beautiful and incredible, this is one device that you can truly rely on says the Samsung parts And Samsung parts Mississauga providers.

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