Sunday, 30 July 2017

Apple Screen Repair to get cheaper till 2017 end

What do you think worries people more when they buy iPhone? Some say it’s the buying cost while others complain about the maintenance cost. Of course, the buying cost is more, but it gets justified with the perks that Apple brings for its users. What troubles afterwards is the maintenance cost, especially the iPhone screen repair.  However, with Apple’s concern toward its users, even the repair cost is going to fall down subsequently.

It is being said that the long waiting time and the hefty charges both are going to reduce from the very end of 2017. The company has decided to send its proprietary mending machine to 400 third-party repair centres. Now customers can go to their nearby authorised repair centres and get their broken iPhone screen fixed for a lower price and lesser time. The facility is going to available in 25 countries for which apple provides for.

Apple accessories providers say that fixing the broken iPhone screen consumes hours, and previously the company has restricted the use of its repair machine to it retail stores and mail-in repair centres only. The repair business makes a multi-billion market and the repair device known as Horizon machine makes sure the design of the screen is not tweaked.
The control of the repairing device was of primary focus because the company wanted to maintain the authenticity of the screen. The move was good, but it caused a lot of problems like the waiting queues and price of the repair.

In the wake of the launch of the “Right to Fix” pleas, which aims to get rid of the strict replacement rules followed by Apple and other manufacturing companies, Apple announced this. However, the company denied any hand of the legislative pressure in its decision making.

Until now Apple never accepted the existence of the Horizon machine, but it has now allowed the reporters to capture the images of the machine while in functioning.  The initial claim is to cover 4% of the company stores and then it is expected to double up within one year.

For customers who are not living near one of the Apple iPhone accessories providers, it gets difficult to keep their iPhone in shape, and that is why they rely on local technicians, who can give them a piece of mind. Apple says they can have the repair done until they are not breaching the warranty clause.

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