Thursday, 12 October 2017

5 best parental control app

Fighting your teen children against the usage of cell phone can be a real trouble, but not when you have a parental control app. Yes, there are parental control apps enabling you to have a control on their activity, instead of blocking it away. As a responsible parent, you must have a control on what your kids are doing with their phone, how much time they are spending and other important factors.
However, there is one thing that bothers parents is finding the right app for parental controlling. To reduce your stress level, we have listed below five great apps that are useful for parental control:

Kidgy parental control app

Kidgy is a parental control app which is considered perfect for monitoring online activity of your child. You can see what your kids are browsing on the Internet and other social media profiles. To track their sleeping time and other activities, you can give a limited access to social media accounts.

Norton family premier

Norton offers a great location featuring along with the easy configuration of apps and profiles. Using the app, you can block applications which you don’t what your kids to use. For parents who want to stay on top of their child's activity, Norton can be one great app claims the Apple iPhone accessoriesproviders.

Phone sheriff

If you want to monitor texting, location and other apps on your child's phone, then this app might prove to be effective. The app gives time control, allowing you to have a control on your kid's phone usage. Provided that it has a panic button and geo-fencing you can know your kids were about to and contact people.

ESET parental control

On an affordable price, ESET serves the purpose of parental controlling very well. The easy to set up filters makes it possible for parents to monitor the functioning of the phone swiftly. The app can support unlimited android devices, allowing you to have a control on the phone of the entire family.

You can get a free version of this app as well as paid version, depending on your requirement. All these apps come with a number of protective features. It will keep your kids away from identity theft too says the Apple accessories Canada providers.


  1. In your article, I counted only 4 applications ). You have already tested these applications, do you know how much they cost?

    I thinks that the best parental control solution is Kidslox parental App.

    Kidslox allows to control time that children spend on Internet. And, most importantly, it allows you to block applications in which children spend too much time. For example Snapchat or Minecraft.

  2. This article is very interesting, and we all know the importance of parental control apps. It would be great if you could add Mobicip as one of the parental control apps as well.

    Mobicip is a popular parental controls service with the widest multi-platform support in the industry. Mobicip even send regular reports to parents, which makes supervision much easier.