Wednesday, 22 November 2017

4 things you didn’t know your smartphone could do

There is no denying that we stay glued to our Smartphone for almost all day. On an average, a person uses his or her phone for a minimum of two hours per day. You can carry out a myriad of work using your Smartphone. Still, there are few functions that you didn’t know could be conducted using your Smartphone. To bring it to your notice, here we enlist some of the functions that can be handled using a Smartphone:

Diagnose a leaky window

Finding leaky windows can be troublesome, but if done right, it will keep your room temperature right, allowing you to live in cozily. Get the Flir One add-on, and a plug is it in your phone charging plug. As it weighs 2.8 ounces, you will notice a bit of bulk added to your Smartphone. FlirOne is compatible with both iPhone and Android, so there is nothing much to worry about. Plug in the device, and when you point the phone towards the leaky area, it will convert the thermal energy into color images. So, that’s the area you need to fix.

Prevent drunk driving

Caught while drunk and driving can put you in a lot of trouble and if you want to avoid it then go for the Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer comes in. Within just five seconds, it will tell about the alcohol present in your breath. The app will also tell you the time which will be needed to bring your breath to normal. With this app, it becomes quite easy to avoid the case of drunk and drive.

Muscle measurement

Using the sculpt scanner with your Smartphone will allow you to measure your progress at the gym. The scanner will track the fat percentage and muscle fibre size using small electrodes that measures individual muscle areas and group. According to the Samsung tablet repair technicians the device comes with an app for both iPhone and Android.

Look up closely
Your Smartphone is just perfect for selfies, and you can even turn it into a microscope. There is some microscope project available on the market. It will cost less than $10, and you can look into the objects meticulously claims the Samsung Galaxy repair technicians.

These are just samples, you can use the smartphone in a number of other ways too, for those amazing tricks, stay tuned. 

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