Wednesday, 11 April 2018

5 tips to improve your smartphone's battery life

People are often heard complaining about their smartphone’s battery life. Sometimes it’ the smartphone’s fault and other times it’s the lack of maintenance.  Here, we have researched and found seven great ways to make your smartphone battery last longer.

Keep it out of the sun
According to Apple iPhone parts providers Lithium-ion batteries perform better when kept at a normal temperature. Make sure your phone is not left in the direct contact of sunlight, for instance on the deck of the car or the window bar. For heat protection, you can use a phone cover while traveling on a hot summer day.

Turn the brightness level low
The brighter your phone is the harder it becomes for the battery to meet your demand says the   iPhone Canada store. Turning the screen level a little low might make a huge difference.  Both Android and iPhone gives an auto-brightness option, adjust your phone on this level and things will be ok. However, if you are leaving it unused for longer hours, you won’t mind dimming the brightness level.

Set an automatic lock
You can notice that your phone is on, even after several minutes of your last usage. This causes unwanted loss of battery. Automatic locks are meant to prevent this scenario. You can set your phone to an automatic lock after 30 seconds and the processor of your phone won’t consume any extra battery. In most of the phones, you will find a Screen Timeout Option, under the Settings menu, just change it and you are good to go.

Put off the vibration
We understand that you don’t want to gather attention with a loud ringtone, but that doesn’t justify keeping your phone on vibration mode all the times. Technically, your phone battery is consumed more when left in vibration mode. Try conserving a little of the battery by switching it to sound mode.

Close the unwanted apps

There might be apps that you last used two to three hours ago and left as it is. Still, they are left open, consuming quite an amount of your Smartphone’s batteries. Just make sure you keep closing the apps once you have ended using it.                                

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