Monday, 11 June 2018

5 Project Management and Planning Apps for Android

Smartphones are becoming quite obvious in offices now as compared to ten decades back. Most of the people are bringing their smartphone in offices either to manage their project or for just managing their time. Whatever business you might be into, a project management app is something that you must have on your phone.

`Squidhub is one of the cheapest and silliest apps you will find on our list. The interface is extremely simple and all you get to worry about is one single page. If compared to other option given below, you will find it under feature. Still, there are ample of things you can do with it. You will have a communication tab, file storage area, and a task list. Don’t expect timesheets, reporting, and complex scheduling.

Streamline is not something just to aid your business, but it also gives a fun approach towards a management app. You will get a standard range of features with this app. Whether it’s a large business or small, Streamtime is something you should go for. Some of the features will be found renamed, including milestones as item and projects like jobs. However, this one here is not as cheap as Squidub as you get to pay $15/user/month.

Binfire comes with quite an interesting array of tools like group chats, digital Whiteboard, and group chats. Even the Agile features of Binfire is also impressive with features like burn downs and Gantt charts. However, with all these features you also get to pay a little extra and that is $30.

Trello is one of the project management apps that most of the companies have been using lately. Even though it is one of the most reliable and efficient management apps, you will get this app for free. It’s Trello only which has popularized the Card View option.

If you are looking for the best of organizational capability in an app, go for Asana. It offers much more than Squid and Trello says the Apple parts providers. Easy interface, simple task assignments, and much more can be seen with this app.

According to Apple spare parts providers; these are some of the best apps that you can have from the management point of view. 

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