Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How to keep your smartphone clean?

Smartphones might seem like a tiny object, which can be cleaned with just one wipe, but let us warn you it’s the filthiest object you might be holding in your hands. If not cleaned regularly, you end up in a daily mess of germs. Being a self-contained unit, these little gadgets are hard to clean, but it is definitely possible to clean them.

Things you will need to get the cleaning done
•    A soft cloth, possibly a microfiber. Avoid using a paper towel or tissue papers, as their harsh particles can scratch the surface.
•    Cotton buds
•    Distilled water
If you can a can get a can of compressed air that good too, but it’s an option only according to  iPad repair parts sellers.

How to clean the screen?
•    Turn off the screen before you start cleaning it up as even a drop of liquid can ruin your phone. If possible remove the battery too.
•    Wipe the screen with a cloth to remove the smudges
•    If the dirt is still there, a little spray of distilled water solution on the microfiber will do the job. For a rough cleaning, you can also use the vinegar solution.
•    Let the surface dry either with air or a dry microfiber cloth and then switch it on.

How to clean the keyboards and ports?
Not all the parts of a phone are as easy to clean up as the main screen, especially the nooks and services. You will have to keep your phone switched off just like before. However, for cleaning you will need dry cotton buds as they will easily make inside the tiny ports. Usually, they are able to take out all the major dirt. For the stubborn dirt, you can try a bit of compressed air, this generally blasts the dirt away.

Some of the key things you need to take care of if you don’t want to ruin your phone.
·         Use only a bit of water to clean the smartphone
·         Make sure the extra liquid is either dried off or wiped out
·         Don’t ever use a hairdryer for drying your smartphone
Take a note of these tips and you are likely to keep yourself away from a number of health problems says the iPad spare parts providers.

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