Sunday, 20 December 2015

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Today's World is the world of technology. Each and every activity of our daily routine is directly connected to one or other device. Among all such devices smartphone is the one without which we feel like a crippled. It has provided a lot of comfort in our lives.

As we are too much dependent on our smart mobiles we have to pay for it also. The biggest problem which everybody has to face is its battery consumption. It cannot last for a full single day which makes every user annoyed.

Replacement Part for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Front Housing - White


It was Sony which developed these mobile batteries years ago and now again it is Sony which has promised to introduce faster batteries to the world. Sony has successfully managed to become a synonym of quality. It has produced a number of devices and almost all the sony parts are up to the mark.

Now the question arises whether Sony would be able to accomplish its new mission of longer battery life and would make it a success like all other existing sony parts.
Sony Xperia Z1 Battery 3000mAh

Sony Xperia Z1 L39h Battery (3000mAh)


As per the information received from the Japanese site Nikkei, Sony has already started its working on the new battery which promises to last 40% longer than the current one. Present batteries are Lithium-ion batteries whereas sony has planned to try a combination of Lithium and Sulphur or Magnesium and Sulphur. As Sulphur electrodes dissolve at faster rate than Lithium ones it would be an issue with Lithium and Sulphur combination.

As Sony is that name which has created miracles in past and has produced a huge variety of electronic devices and other sony cell phone parts so let us wait for our new improved batteries which would provide a sigh of relief to our smartphones and to us as well.

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