Monday, 22 February 2016

Common issues pertaining to your phone and their simple solutions

In this busy lifestyle where people are engrossed so much in their professional lives, mobile phones have become the ultimate communication medium that connects people to their loved ones. Mobile phone devices have become the indispensable part of numerous people, and if there is a sudden issue with them, everything seems to be in a standstill. Further, to add to your suffering, it is difficult to find a reputed mobile repairing service provider that can provide you satisfactory services. With Esource Parts, a renowned mobile and tablet parts store and provides top notch mobile repairing and phone unlocking services for various mobile brands, everything has become much simplified. Here is the list of some of the common phone problems and their simple DIY (Do- It- Yourself) protective tips from our mobile repairing experts at Esource Parts.


l  Cracked/broken display screen: It is a fact that most of the mobile display screens are not made up of superior quality fiber material. Also, due to the introduction of smart phones, the screens of mobile phone devices have become much bigger, and are, thus, prone to damage if drops accidently. To save your branded phone from the impact of falling, it is advised to keep your phone under a protective cover, hard plastic casing or a padded pouch that can absorb the impact of the shock without causing damage to your phone screens. If you are unable to find the suitable cover for your phone, we would advise you to arrive at our Motorola Canada parts  store, Esource Parts. We can provide affordable, impact-resistant and attractive protection cover for your customized Motorola Moto X series, high tech and prized iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series, HTC Desire series, LG Nexus series and other such cell phone brands.

                                                   S-Line Wave Soft TPU Silicone Cover Case For Motorola Moto G XT-1032 - White

l  Non-functioning of the charging port: Due to the frequent charging, the charging port as well as the charger may stop functioning properly. In these circumstances, it is recommended for you to charge your mobile phone devices only when the battery indicator shows charging level 5 to 1 percent in order to save your phone charging port from getting damaged. It generally happens due to overcharging. Further, if your HTC charger has stopped working, you can find the genuine, high quality, eco- friendly and affordable charger at our HTC accessories Canada store, Esource Parts. We provide mobile spare parts and accessories for brands like iPhone, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Sony, Nokia and much more.

                               HTC One M7 Back Housing Cover  - White

l  Frequent phone-hangs: It has become a common phenomenon for numerous mobile phone owners that their phone hangs up or freezes frequently. To overcome this issue, you need to check that there is adequate memory space in your phone and multiple apps are not running simultaneously. It may be that your mobile phone device’s hardware and other specifications are not compatible for a certain type of app. If so, you should not install such apps.

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