Sunday, 4 September 2016

Origins of iPhone: Where it all started

iPhone has been considered as one of the most luxurious possessions when it comes to the Smartphone. No doubt, there is no competition when it comes to efficient and stunning features of iPhone. Don’t you want to know about the origin of these excellent cell phones? There is no denying that every smartphone has its unique story and the same goes for the iPhone.

So, without further ado, let’s see where this story takes us to:
In 2004, 1000 apple employees gathered to work on a secret project named Purple Project. It took 30 months to complete this project and some of the key figures of the team were Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs. It is said that the whole project cost $150m and laid to the future revelation of the smartphones.

In 2007, Steve Jobs announced the launch of its first iPhone. It was 9th January at Macworld convention, San Francisco when Steve Jobs launched the multi-touch display. On 29th June, the first iPhone was available in the US market with 3 years of the contract. The 4GB model was released at the cost of $499, while the 8GB iPhone was available on the cost of $599. The first batch was a grand success and people queued around for this new phone.

Later on 11th July 2008, iPhone 3G was released in 22 countries worldwide. Along with several stunning features, this 3G phone was relatively low in cost. Some of the groundbreaking features were 3rd party apps, GPS, 3MP Camera, voice control, cut& paste capability, and video recording. After this, the much-awaited iPhone 4 hit the shelves and it was the first major redesign for original iPhones. The stainless steel and glass casing, square and flattened design made this cell phone stand out of the smartphone race and stunned the Apple accessories Canada providers. On its day of release, more than a million headsets were sold.

Further, in 2012, the iPhone 5 was launched following with iPhone 6 models in 2014 with a bigger screen and better features. There was no looking back after the release of iPhone 5. With its latest launch in the form of iPhone 6, it has even started acting in favor of photographers. Today’s iPhone images are unbeatable with such clear images and thrilling editing features. Not to forget the high-end voice recognition apps that make it stand above the all. Moreover, it is easy to reach the Apple repair parts providers now to get all the Apple accessories.

This was all about the iPhone series and its big launches ever since it first hit the market.

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