Sunday, 9 October 2016

Android Pay is coming to the web via Chrome soon

Android pay has been sweeping the market since its launch, thanks to the wide diversification of android user’s. The easiness to just tap your phone to make a payment has really got the users and Google are looking to make the game even bigger. Here are the recent announcements regarding the android pay.

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Android Pay comes to the web
Google has the habit taking things to the next level and as the Android pay adoption continues to grow with haste, it is looking to make the horizon even bigger with bringing the pay to the web. If the latest announcements are taken into consideration, the latest version of the company’s Chrome web browser will have the new API of Android Pay.

Android Pay for selected partners
Although Google hasn’t clearly stated exactly when the pay will go live and has not commented out too many details and how it will work through a browser. It is expected that the Pay will be initiated with limited and selected retail partners says the asus tablet parts Canada and tablet screen repair providers.

Not everything can be bought using Android Pay
Google has made its intentions clear about not using the Pay for online payments used for the purchase of goods and is intent more on offline transactions that are taking place for the day to day consumers.

Finger print verification
Another interesting, yet related development is that the fingerprint support can be incorporated into Google’s Chrome and web payment system in the future giving the users to make the payment across all media and portable devices through the payment platform. The deployment of finger verification will also enable a safer cross-channel for payments as well enable the users to make the use of varied platforms.

Android Pay for more banks
It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the support for Android Pay has been growing quickly lately among the users. The facts are only made strong with the recent announcements made by Google quoting that the support for more banks in UK and USA are arriving and being tested out by its experts. Google is also punching its marketing strategies to make its payment platform a household name among the users; with the latest coming as its collaboration with Uber to make discounted payments says the Asus tablet parts providers.

The effectiveness and ease of Android Pay haven't gone unnoticed and soon we can see the Pay for its cross mobile web platforms.

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