Tuesday, 14 November 2017

4 tips to gain back the control of your life

Cellphone addiction is new in the list of addictions. It’s not fatal, but certainly ruins your daily routine and decreases the effectively of your day by almost 30%. More or less you are losing the control of your life, which will affect your life adversely.  However you have still not lost you way to your life and can gain back entire control.

To help you gain back the control, here we have some of the tips which can get you back your life:

Schedule calls
Instead of hanging on your phone the entire day, fix a schedule under which you are going to mail all the necessary calls. Also when you call, make sure to tick to details instead of gossiping your way towards hours of chit chat. To avoid calls throughout the day you can mentions your call time on your business card and online portals. Staying away from less important calls will ensure your way towards a more productive routine.

Schedule email response time
The beep beep of constant emails will not only hinder your ongoing work but will also decrease your concentration level. To avoid the situation, check your mail once in the morning and ones in the evening. Even if I takes half an hour in total, it’s fine, at least you can concentrate on what’s more important says the Samsung mobile repair technicians.

Use voice mail
To avoid constant calls, it’s best to use voice calls. Voice mails are much better than missed call and text messages. It gives you an Idea of the urgency of message, plus you get to decide on which message to react first. If you want to particular information about your callers, it would be best to ask them the name, time zone, and reason for call claims the Samsung mobile phone repair technicians.

Fix a time of or social media interaction
It’s not the call and texts that consumes our most hours on smartphone. The real culprit is social media whose information string is so addictive that we don’t realise the time when we are browsing social media platforms. Use your social media platforms either during the lunch hour or when you are about to hit the bed. There already is a constraint in the lunch hour and in the night hours you would already be tiered enough to fall asleep, which will keep you away from the addiction.

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