Sunday, 18 March 2018

How to Avoid Smartphone Addiction?

Strange, but true! We can't imagine ourselves without Smartphone. From personal life to professional life, mobile phones have all records of these. Isn't it so? Through Smartphone, we are going far from the one sitting beside to us and getting closer to the online one. What is this logic? Our life has summed up digitally and we are still unaware of it. You never know when you get addicted to your phone and you spend the whole day there.

So, if you have realized this and want to get escaped from it, here are 5 effective tips for you-
  • Turn Off Notifications
So, simple to apply, but harder to implement. The features of phone allow our mobile to buzz while receiving Facebook notifications or WhatsApp messages, and more. Well, there are some notifications that you even don't want to see but receive by default. Turn them off or switch off your mobile data. Give a break to yourself for long hours or during the office hours.
  • Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
What's that Beauty Plus camera doing on your phone or that Candy Crush game? Having advanced apps in phone let you pick the phone for a long time. For a better solution, you can uninstall Facebook and Twitter as well. Just log in then only when you actually need it. Else, go and spend time with your closed ones says the Apple repair parts technicians.

  • Utilize Airplane Mode
During office hours, focus on your work. Why using phones unnecessary when you have lots to do in the office. Switch to the flight mode. However, if there is an emergency, the call will be checked during break time or the call can be taken on your office landline. Also, there is no need to be social all the time.
  • Limit and set Your Time for Phone Usage
In a day, there must be the usage of a phone for 2-3 hours with breaks. Using phone is not only unsafe to your eyesight but also it affects your mood and makes you feel irritating all the time. This is the symptom once anybody gets addicted to it. Therefore, use the phone when necessary.
  • Switch off the Phone before Going to the Bed
This is pretty obvious! Use a clock to set alarm. By doing this, let you and your brain have good sleep without waiting for anyone's reply. Night sleep is important, so don't let your phone be the hindrance for it says the Apple spare parts providers.

Thus, be smart and active all the time by limiting the usage of Smartphone. It's all up to you!

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