Monday, 18 June 2018

Best Large Screen (Phablet) Android Phone in 2018

Best Large Screen (Phablet) Android Phone in 2018

Large screen phones are quite in trend, not only for Smartphones, but also for those with fat fingers and poor eyesight, but also for those who are into online gaming and videos. Without a clear view, you will see it as a smartphone with a far better space to withhold many more functionalities. With more room inside you can expect to have a longer battery life and much more. But, the fact is the larger the screen is, the more vulnerable it is to battery drainage. So, we would ask you to not to have high hopes with the battery, but the images and videos will be definitely worthy says by Samsung tablet repair parts providers .

What is phablet?
Smartphones with the 5.5in-plus diagonal screen are known as phablets. However, the fine line between smartphones and phablets are blurring day by day. Here you can expect a Quad-HD screen, which might not be available in compact phones. Some of the best phablets you will find in the market are given below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Well, the finest things don’t come cheap and the same goes with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Some people will definitely draw back seeing the price and go for Galaxy S8+ as it looks like a cheaper option, but you won't get S pen with it. The S pen alone makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 worthy of its price. In addition to this, you get an amazing screen with excellent chances of good photographs.

OnePlus 5T
If you had OnePlus 5, 5T might disappoint you a little regarding the design. Keeping the design apart, 
5T is a good phone overall.  Given the online retail policy of the OnePlus 5T, you are less likely to get it on the 
market shelve. However, it comes with an amazing screen, good cameras and perfect sound. It’s definitely worth
 a buy according to the Samsung tablet parts  sellers. 

LG V30
You will get a lot of things to admire about LG V30. We see it as a complete upgrade of G6. It comes with excellent cinematic features and camera capabilities that you would not get in a smartphone. The phone is equipped with brilliant OLED Full-Version Display, which improves your video and movie experience. Even the amped playback experience is something you would like to experience with its cleaner, louder, and accurate sound.

So, these are the best phablets on the market according to Samsung tablet spare parts sellers, buy any of them and you will enjoy a good time. 

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